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Rolo started delivering pups yesterday (19th December 2012) at 1pm, she took me by surprise a bit,
but I knew she was close. She stopped giving birth around 9pm last night.
She had a lovely, healthy & strong litter of 9 surviving pups. 4 girls, and 5 boys.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all of Rolo's past and present puppies and their loving families. ;o) Now we are all safely ensconsed in new house, puppies and Rolo doing brilliantly.

Rolo mated successfully with Rowan (Wildbach BlackAdder) on the 20th October in Wellington, Somerset. This is the third pairing with Rowan, and the two have created two highly successful GSP litters. Please watch this space for updates.

Rolo gave birth on 19th December 2012 to a litter of 9 GSP pups.
2 x Solid Black dog, 2 x Black & White dog, 1 x Solid Liver dog, 1 x L&W bitch, 3 x Solid Black bitch

9th February 2013- Quite a few pups have been collected and are now being pampered in the extremities of the UK (Jackie wins this years most traveled award with her marathon including three modes of transport back to the Orkneys...:o) Although it will be worth it I'm sure, and the pup won't mind the 1500 acres of farmland to have fun in!) We have just three pups now still with us, with a couple staying on for another week or so...Going to miss my 'little guys'! So please keep in touch with pictures as much as you can!

6th February 2013- 7 weeks on from birth... all doing well, increasingly lively and boisterous. The pups start leaving for new homes tomorrow, with quite a few leaving over the weekend. I hope all is in place for the new arrivals, and in cases of long journeys, I hope the weather is kind and wish you safe journeys here and back home with precious cargo!

2nd February 2013-
Nice to see two more new owners this weekend who like always were absolutely overjoyed to see the puppies.. and their own special little addtions. The onset of depature dates comes fast, as from Wednesday the 7th the pups will be seven weeks old. They are getting very energetic and large... and thankyou to Jon & Karen (solid Liver boy) for the toy which they are really enjoying playing with, but with low life expectancy! Sorry ;o).
Here is a lovely shot of them settling down to sleep (piled on top of each other!) after rampant play/fighting, as witnessed when Sue came to visit her Black boy on Saturday.

30th January 2013- 6 weeks on today... and the pups are becoming an handful, with them taking (seemingly) great pleasure in ripping up paper just as I put fresh down..! Its rather like trying to move water and keep it moved when you have a wave of 9 eager pups charging at you, whether or not you want them to! They will have a their third fortnightly dose of Drontal today, at this stage administering it gets slightly easier as it is cunningly disguised in goats milk in individual portions based on weight. They love goats milk as an ongoing treat.. No cows milk, as it doesn't agree with dogs.

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25th January 2013- I have had several questions from new owners about the puppy food I am weaning the pups on.. I use 'Skinners Field & Trail Puppy Food' and just had another 2 bags delivered this morning.
With regard to vaccinations, within 24 hours of collecting your puppy get him/her booked in with your vets for first of two jabs (the second one follows around 2 weeks later) but let the pups settle in new home before whipping off to another scary situation. ;o) I have been giving the pups Drontal worming solution every two weeks, they will be having another dose on 6 weeks, for those collecting around 7 weeks they will either be due another dose on 8 weeks, but let your vet know what they have had, and they will advise accordingly...

23rd January 2013- Five weeks on from Birth, all puppies now have excellent homes and future lives to look forward to. They are bulking up really well now they are on three big meals a day, with goats milk once a day also... plus whenever they get chance to accost their mum!.. or me, as they tend to associate me with food! I know all new families will be getting very excited now... they are a lovely bunch and it will be hard to part with them in two weeks onwards.

The puppies... team photo @ 5 weeks.

19th January 2013- With the cold outside, I should imagine one of the warmest places is huddled up in a puppy litter!
The litter have been registered today with the Kennel Club, so all are KC reg. and with their own Penidasher moniker...
Here is the role call for this litter the names.. Penidasher Black Flash, Penidasher White Sox, Penidasher Dark Star, Penidasher Ayrshire Lass, Penidasher Bajan Queen, Penidasher Caladonian Girl, Penidasher Bunty Boy, Penidasher Black Adder, Penidasher Mistletoe..

16th January 2013- Litter is 4 weeks old today! Thats has gone fast... all doing well, looking very lively and robust. Having 3 Skinners feeds a day (which they are attacking with vigour!) as well as mums milk at present. They are also due another fortnightly dose of Drontal worming today which will be administered this afternoon. Everything going well, just the one black bitch now available, due to unforseen circumstances. I extend a warm welcome to any customers who have reserved a puppy to come and visit... perhaps this weekend? Please let me know and I will schedule you in, as already have people arranged to visit this weekend.

13th January 2013- The pack was unleashed upon a slightly larger outside world, as the boundary came down to access the larger run section at the which I attach alongside the whelping box... this is covered in paper, and the pups come out and use the paper area for the toilet almost immediately, rummage and fight in the paper, then re-enter the whelping box and its fleece blankets under the ceramic heat lamp to recover from any exertion.

11th January 2013- The litter has begun to take in their surroundings now (including litter mates!), with ears and eyes working, so in between favourite hobbies of eating and sleeping they've started pawing, chewing and wrestling each other, won't be long before they will be doing so at speed. I'm feeling the tiredness at times now, two and three times up during every night to check on things, takes it out of you, Rolo seems to be coping better than me... fortunately!

8th January 2013- Back online tomorrow, and so new families for the puppies will be able to see progress, as I understand several of you are a long way away and will not be able to easily pop in to see progress.. anyone a bit closer to us are more than welcome to visit! Puppies are all up on four legs albeit slightly comical, playing and chewing each other more, and well into the plate of Skinners Puppy food done as a porridge with a bit of Goats Milk in. Availabity is very limited now also, with most finding some very good homes, throughout the far reaches of England, Scotland and the Channel Islands.

4th January 2013- Puppies given their first plate of puppy food this evening, they kind of took to it, but it is a completely new way of eating for them, so fair play to them. After a few more feeds they will be battling for this food. As with previous litters I give them Skinners Field & Trial puppy food.
Rolo has been fed with this over the last week and half, so the puppies know it indirectly through their mothers milk.
By the time the puppies leave me they will be having three meals a day of completely dry Skinners Puppy food... so nice and simple for new owners! Don't forget water available always additionally.. ;o)

3rd January 2013- This morning we have administered the first dose of Drontal Oral puppy suspension - a pink worming solution that we give every two weeks. The puppies eyes are all open now, lovely blue eyes, but not fully sighted as yet. You fall in love with the pups when their eyes emerge. It's a wonderful experience.

1st January 2013- The pups are building up well, incredibly well, eye slits are starting to open, and they are making efforts to get up on their legs, resulting in what appears to be 9 drunken pups! But alot of the time is spent R&R style, where they like nothing better to lay on each other!

31st December 2012-
All is fine with litter of 9 surviving pups. We have two gorgeous Black & White boys, one solid black bitch, and two solid black dogs available at this stage. Happy New year to all.

20th December 2012- The puppies all shiny and happy, after their first night on planet earth.

19th December 2012- Rolo gave birth very smoothly to ten puppies today, well done Rolo!!!! 5 bitches, and 5 dogs. I will be in touch with customers who have already reserved, and as it is chronological will do it in that order. I don't think anyone will be majorly disappointed!

20th October 2012- We travelled down to Somerset making good time and arriving just before lunch, Rolo and Rowan wasted no time and the mating was successfully completed! We travelled back that same day and now wait to see if it was successful and pups on the way!

19th October 2012- Rolo had a second blood test checking for ovulation, this was successful and advised to proceed to mating, we will set off at 7am on Saturday 20th.


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